Activity 5

ACTIVITY FIVE GOAL: MOVEMENT Program the Bee-Bot to do a Line Dance.

To draw, close your eyes and sing. – Pablo Picasso

  1. Rules
    1. Movement must be in a line
    2. Keep dance simple, no more than around 10 steps
    3. Write out the dance algorithm before coding the robot.
    4. Loop the dance steps
  2. Input
    1. Watch the Dancing with the Bees Video:
    2. Do this line dance:
      1. move forward 3 steps
      2. turn right, wiggle like a bee, turn left, turn left, wiggle like a bee, turn right
      3. move backwards 3 steps
      4. repeat (ii)
      5. repeat the whole process 1-2 more times.
      6. Free dance like a bee
  3. Process
    1. Write down the sequence of steps for this line dance
    2. Code the Bee-Bot to follow your directions
    3. What did you do in the line dance that the Bee-Bot can’t do?
  4. Output
    1. Put the bee-bot(s) on the mat and see if do the dance
    2. Try to synchronize the robots
    3. Try to do the dance with the robot(s)
  5. Feedback
    1. Were you successful?
    2. Could you design your own line dance?
    3. Did each dancer stay in a line?
    4. Can you make upnew rules that allow moving off the line?
    5. Assessment: Watch the students or Bee-Bots do the line dance.

BE CREATIVE – Design your own dance around your ideas.