Activity 6

-> This activity challenges students to use all the commands while performing a robotic spelling bee.


  1. All commands must be programmed before placing the Bee-Bot on the mat and selecting GO.
  2. The Bee-bot starts on the top left-hand corner at the letter “A” facing downward towards the bottom left corner.
  3. Students are spelling the words in the sentence: “I want to design a present for my brain.”
  4. The first round starts with the one-letter word “I”.
  5. The second round is to program a two-letter word, then continues with round
    three coding a 3-letter word, continuing until the 7-letter word is programmed.


  1. Watch the video of a student performing a robotic spelling bee:
  2. Select student teams of 2 to 4 students.
  3. No talking when coding.


  1. Each team member codes a word.
  2. When not the driver, the other members are the observers.
  3. There is no help during while the commands are coded.


  1. The Bee-bot moves on the mat pausing on each letter in the word.
  2. If the word is spelled correctly, the team advances to next level.


  1. If there is an error, the team helps the student debug their mistake and tries again.
  2. The class determines how many tries each person gets before being eliminated
    on each level.
  3. Discuss efficiently and how many commands the Bee-Bot can remember.

Make up a new sentence and have the students coordinate a new spelling-bee challenge. Note: Allow an “Hour of Code” each week to give students time to work on their own projects.