Activity 1

ACTIVITY ONE GOAL: PLAY Have fun with the Bee-Bot

PLAY enhances problem-solving skills better than standards based lessons.

Rules: Students sit around a floor mat.* Students “Do NOT touch the control commands Clear, Pause or Go. Only touch the orange arrow commands.

  1. Input directional commands by rotating the Bee-Bot(s):
    1. Hand a bee-bot to a student who inputs a directional command.
    2. Pass to the student on right who inputs another directional command.
    3. Continue going around in a circle and stop after all students add a command, or a certain amount of time has passed.
  2. Process the Bee-Bot commands:
    1. Put Bee-Bot(s) on a letter on the mat.
    2. Select a student to input the GO button.
  3. Output Observation– watch what the Bee-Bot(s) does.
    1. Watch – did the Bee-Bot go off the mat?
    2. Watch – when using more than one Bee-Bot did they bump into each other?
  4. Feedback – Discuss what happened.
    1. Play again and observe the students making plans.
    2. Discuss what rules could prevent going off the mat or bumping into each other.
    3. Back off and let the kids play as long as they are engaged and settle their own arguments.
    4. Should you have to intervene, ask these questions:
      1. What did you do? If the student starts talking about the other students, repeat what were YOU doing.
        • What could YOU have done differently?
        • What else could you have done?
    5. Assessment: Rearrange groups and have students pass around the Bee-Bots. Then ask them what will happen when Go is selected.