DOK Chart

Depth of Knowledge Chart when using Bee-Bots

Chart Designed by Heidi Williams – “No Fear Coding”

DOK Level Definition within Computer Science Application to Bee-Bots
Level 1 –


Recall & Reproduction

The recall of definitions, terms or simple procedures in which the student knows the answer or does not.
  • Knowing what a Bee-Bot isTurning the Bee-Bot on and off
  • Pushing the arrow buttons
  • Understanding the up arrow moves forward, the down arrow moves back, the right arrow moves right and the left arrow moves left
Level 2 –


Skills & Concepts

The process of making decisions on how to approach a question or problem.
  • What were you trying to get your robot to do?
  • What do you think the Bee-Bot will do if you put in these commands?
Level 3 – Strategic Thinking Requires reasoning, planning, using evidence, and is a multi-step process. There are often multiple answers or multiple ways to arrive at the answer.
  • How did you get the Bee-Bot to do that?
  • Why do we need rules?
  • Why didn’t the Bee-Bot do what you wanted it to do?
Level 4 – Extended Thinking Requires students to observe patterns and make connections within a content area or among content areas. Involves developing generalizations of the results obtained, the strategies used, and then applying these to a new situation.
  • How can you build on ideas you see and collaborate on new ones?
  • Can you create your own game with the Bee-Bot?