OK – that was pretty cool. I spent an hour coding (I didn’t think I had) designing my snowflake; and have already sent the link to my siblings, nieces, nephews, my son and his wife. – Vincent M. Weir, Senior Vice President – Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors

Coding is a way of communicating …
a way of understanding a process and articulating that through code.

The work that I do as a FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL is the “same” that I did as an engineer:

  1. Identify (quantify and qualify) “where are we now”?
  2. Identify ( “    “  )”where do we want to go”?
  3. Identify the tools and resources available
  4. Develop a strategy – implement, monitor and adjust.

There are many metaphors for life in “the stock market game”:

  1. How do I assess and evaluate risk and opportunity?
  2. How do I take “X” and try to make it “more than X”?
  3. What are the consequences of an outcome other than what I anticipated?
  4. What is the difference between “price” and “worth”, and how are these values determined?
  5. You won’t always be right – you just want to be mostly right most of the time and avoid a really big mistake.


Personal Financial Literacy is one of the 6 major areas in the Math TEKS. Entrepreneurship can bring coding and finance together. Lets build Sharp Tanks!! Lets build Clubs into the School Day!!! Create a Code Corner in every library!!!! Learn to Play the Stock Market Game and the Game of Real Life. Build on individual passions!!!!! Build ideas by researching careers.

Google CS First Club Ideas

Google CS First Club Ideas

Learn how to make money flipping brain houses.

Houston is a prime market. – Have you heard this advertisement?SOLUTIONS:

  1. Sharp Tank for Teachers – 5 minute teach off competition @ Happy Hour of Code.
  2. Sharp Tank for Students – 6 students in SBISD 2015 Code Camp presented their Shark Tank Application.
  3. A better fund raiser – binary jewelry – the power bracelet.
  4. Business School for Ten Year Olds: R&D begins with your products of learning.
  5. Sew Electric: – create electric binary jewelry art and Code Wearable Art with mini-computer
  6. Google Computer Science Clubs: – Fashion & Design, Market your Books, Art and Music.
  7. Bold Idea develops and empowers young minds to execute bold ideas as a team through the power of coding.



  • Kinder: Ways to earn income, money as income vs. gifts; Simple skills required for jobs; Wants vs. Needs.
  • First: Money earned income, making choices with income – wants vs. needs; Spending vs. saving; Charitable giving.
  • Second: Saving, deposit/withdrawal, borrowing responsibly, lending costs to evaluate decisions, producers vs. consumers, calculate cost to produce simple item.
  • Third: Human capital/ labor and income; availability of resources and impact on cost; Costs and benefits of planned and unplanned spending decisions; Credit, borrower’s responsibility, interest; savings plan, credit, charitable giving, income.
  • Fourth: Calculate profit, fixed and variable expenses, savings options, allowance allocation, financial institutions.
  • Fifth: Gross income, net income, income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, and property tax, methods of payment, system for financial records, budget.

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