Computational Geometry starts with graphics and motion.  What my grandkids love – Geometry Dash.  Does not really matter what app one uses, what matters is kid’s engagement.  Every child is different, just have to see the quality of their products.  There is beauty in the art of data visualization.

I absolutely love puzzles to put into action graphics and motion.  Snowflakes are unique like every student.  Start by having students cut snowflakes virtually, then with paper.

The Windows
The Windows – Analyze attributes of 2D shapes. Practice counting to 100 with sets of 10.
TEKS Example: 111.4 (b)(8)(A) Create 2D shapes based on given attributes.


The Cubes Perspective – Describe the measurable attributes of 3D shapes. Make shapes with paper, toothpicks/marshmallows, design cities. Build a foundation of persistence.

Crazy Circle Illusion
Circle Illusion Code in Pyret
Circle Illusion and Nature

Illusions – curious now? After the Crazy Circle Illusion AI will take you to Syndey at least the AI that knows my likes. What path will you go down?

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