Computational Geometry starts with graphics and motion.  What my grandkids love – Geometry Dash.  Does not really matter what app one uses, what matters is kid’s engagement.  Every child is different, just have to see the quality of their products.

I absolutely love puzzles to put into action graphics and motion.  Snowflakes are unique like every student.  Start by having students cut snowflakes virtually, then with paper.

The Windows
The Windows – Analyze attributes of 2D shapes. Practice counting to 100 with sets of 10.
TEKS Example: 111.4 (b)(8)(A) Create 2D shapes based on given attributes.


The Cubes Perspective – Describe the measurable attributes of 3D shapes. Make shapes with paper, toothpicks/marshmallows, design cities. Build a foundation of persistence.

Crazy Circle Illusion
Circle Illusion Code in Pyret
Circle Illusion and Nature

Illusions – curious now? After the Crazy Circle Illusion AI will take you to Syndey at least the AI that knows my likes. What path will you go down?

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